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Population: 36,462 (2004)


View of the city from Austin Street and 11th Street, 1886. The water tower was used by the local fire department and the fourth county courthouse is visible on the horizon. Georgetown, the county seat for Williamson County. Many businesses, Southwestern University, and the railroad have contributed to Georgetown’s growth. Georgetown was home to Jessie Daniel Ames, state president of the League of Women Voters and anti-lynching advocate.


Courtesy of Georgetown Heritage Society


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View Videos on Georgetown

A special thanks to the Georgetown Heritage Society
for letting us use these videos

Video 1 (“Legacy of Wood & Stone)
Video 2 (“On the Square')




also view The Texas Historical Commission write ups on –
Georgetown History
Belford Historic District in Georgetown Texas
University Avenue - Elm Street Historic District
Williamson County Courthouse Historic District




The city of Georgetown is named after

A story relayed to historians - Washington Anderson, tells of Georgetown’s beginnings. Anderson and the four other men assigned the task of locating a county seat were enjoying a brief respite under a large oak tree, when Anderson’s cousin and prodigious landowner, George Washington Glasscock, Sr., (view photo) rode up on his mule. Sensing a quick solution to their task, Anderson spoke up, “George, if you’ll give us all the land between here and the San Gabriel River, we’ll make this the county seat and name the town after you.” His cousin agreed, promptly donating 173 acres, with his partner Thomas B. Huling. Georgetown Texas is the county seat of Williamson County which was formed on March the 13th in the year of 1848. After the early settlers petitioned the State Legislature to create it out of Milam County. But for Three-Legged Willie the county could have been named "San Gabriel" county. It was finally named after Robert M. Williamson aka Three-Legged Willie a Texas statesmen and judge at the time.



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image 9094

Public Square,
Georgetown, Texas


image 3005

Star Grocery Store, north side of square, Georgetown, Texas ca. 1920's - Owners Joe Munson and Tom Lundblad, behind counter

image 3018

Barber Shop

image 1024

Richard E. Talbot, born in Cambrigde, NY, 17 June 1816, of Irish immigrant parents. He came to Texas with his wife and children in 1850's to join brothers Elias and Joseph Talbot. Richard

image 1059

Kimbro and Friends in Front of Blacksmith Shop. Georgetown, Texas ca 1890's


image 1001

The 5th and last Williamson County Courthouse was built in 1910-1911 at
a cost of $120,000. Renovations were done in 1965 that changed much of the appearance.


image 1139

Knight's Spring &
Gant's Mill Photos

image 1059

Kimbro and Friends in Front of Blacksmith Shop. Georgetown, Texas ca 1890's


image 2033

Georgetown Fire Dept. & R.O. "Bob" Davis, who later became Fire Chief, 2nd from left in truck.



image 1195
Adm. Mann Portrait


image 2002

Georgetown fireman including Lonnie Watkins, in about 1919. l-r: Mr Mood, George Klohey, Jeff Gordan, driver R.D. Bole Davis [Firechief], Pat Goodlet, Sid Peerl [standing], M. Wilcox. Mr. Davis and his wife lived upstairs with a sliding pole in their apartment.

Marshall Carver High
School Plaque

image 1149

Berry's Mill, built 1848, NE of Georgetown, Texas



image 2099A

Baby Shower for Lenen Howland, who is expecting Lu Ann Howland, ca. Jan.


image 3027

Leo Darby with delivery Model T while working for San Antonio Light
Newspaper, ca. 1932

image 1187

J.W. Fielder Family, ca 1888, standing: Laura-daughter, Martha Jane Townsley-sister in law, Susan Alice-wife, front Ollie, Earl, J.W. Fielder,
Claude, Walter, and Collier. J.W Fielder, in 1873, married Susan Alice Townsey. Listed in 1880 Williamson County Census. 1885-bought 150 acres on San Gabriel River about 5 miles SE of Georgetown.

image 4007

Williamson County Livestock Show, Victor Kokel buys Carl Holmstom's Blue Ribbon Lamb, ca.1965. Victor Kokel was President of the Williamson County
Farm Bureau

image 5001

The original St. Johns United Methodist Church and cemetery of Georgetown in 1900. The congregation moved to 311 E. University Ave in Georgetown

image 5074

St. John's Swedish Methodist Church's nine early preachers, Georgetown, Texas

image 8024

Andrew Prikryl & Mary Zrubek's Wedding Photo. Ceremony was at Courthouse, Georgetown, Texas, March 6, 1886

image 8317

Anna Louise Trowbridge Talbot, wife of R.E. Talbot, lived between Circlleville and Jonah, Texas. Came to the area in 1853. Brother of Joseph Talbot of Taylor, Texas and brother of Elias Talbot, merchant in Georgetown, Texas. Was friend of Sam Houston, ca.1854

image 9031
Bell Cotton Gin, located SE of Georgetown

image 6017
Football Team


image 9074

L.N. "Lonnie" Watkins "Nook Confectionery", South Side of Square, next to Burkhart's Newstand, Georgetown, Texas, ca. 1920.

image 6013
Football Team, Carver High School, Georgetown, Texas, ca. 1962


image 9088

Karen Thompson at Harper-Chessher House

image 6026
1963 Graduation Georgetown School of Vocational Nursing, ca. 1963, Georgetown, Texas, l-r: Dr. Douglas Benold, Sipirina Richate, Katherine Kelley, Dr. James Shepard, Jovita Richarte, Dr. H.R. Gady, Jr.


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Georgetown Light and Water Works
circa 1911

403 W. 9th


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