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Austin Daily Statesman
Tuesday - June 7, 1898



            Georgetown, Tex., June 5 – On the evening of the 3rd instant the following described negroes overpowered the jailor and made their escape, taking with them a pearl-handled Colt’s 44 six-shooter and a double case gold filled watch.

            Madie Brown, very bright mulatto negro, hair very near straight, heavy set, weighs about 170 pounds, about f feet 6 or 7 inches tall, 26 or 28 years old, left leg off at knee, wears wooden leg, beats his way on trains; can catch a train better than any man that has two whole legs. This negro is well known nearly all over the state. He is supposed to have the six-shooter. He is charged with theft of property over $50 in value.

            Horace Jackson, black negro, about 23 or 24 years old, about 6 feet high, will weigh 165 or 170 pounds, little moustache, gun shot scar on left shoulder in front, knife scars on back of right hand, scar on upper lip.  This negro lived in or near Manor, father lives at Manor, is a negro preacher. Think he has the watch. Was wearing large black hat, black coat, striped shirt, black pants, carpet slippers. Charged with theft of a horse.

            Arthur Ivey, black negro, about 23 years old, about 5 feet 9 ½ inches tall, weighs 160 or 170 pounds, heavy build, tooth out, think it is his first tooth on right side up upper jaw. Wears No 9 shoe, was wearing gray stiper (sic) pants, right leg of pants split up the leg, undershirt, carpet slippers, small blue cap. This negro has worked in saw mills at Crockett and Groveton, also on railroad at Groveton, or near there. He is called “Black Boy” by the negroes.

            The watch taken by these negroes is a double case gold filled Elgin, plain engine turned case, 18 size, number of movements 6239677 (sic). The pistol has stamped on barrel “Frontier Colts Six Shooter.” I will take it as a special favor if all officers in the state will keep a lookout for these negroes. I hold warrants for their arrest.

            Will pay $25 for Madie Brown in any jail in the state of Texas and $10 for each of the others.

            HENRY C. PURL Sheriff 1894-1898
            Sheriff, Williamson County, Texas


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